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Facebook launched its mobile application store online

May 12, 2012

Facebook will launch its own online application store. The App Center will consolidate applications available for all types of mobiles, and will interface to redirect to the App Store or Google Play, depending on the user's mobile.

App Center will rank the likes of Spotify, Pinterest and Draw Something through user ratings, average time spent using the app, and how often it is voluntarily shared by users. In addition, a space is reserved for developers who can sell their applications through the window of the App Center.

Together with its App Center multiplatform, Facebook changed the concept of application store, and covers the mobile market on which it announced plans to move forward.

The publisher of an application will be free to set the price that seems fair, then Facebook will collect on it 30% per sale. Finally, developers can integrate in-app purchases.

To find happiness among all these applications, users will be supported by an intelligent recommendation system will take into account various factors. Notes and comments of an application will not be enough to necessarily make the killer application for users.

Developers will have access to a monitoring display for example the number of uses of an application. Monitoring made possible by the fact that users must be identified to use them.

The launch of the platform is expected in the coming weeks.




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