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23 May

Digital marketing: basics of effective mobile marketing

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New technologies that we use every day, like our phones, are formidable tools for actors of digital marketing.

Consumer targeting and use of mobile

With the increasing use of mobile smart targeting consumers become easier and better tailor the advertising campaigns. The study of our habits is a pillar of digital marketing and mobile marketing in particular.

For example the games that we download and applications we use on our phones, are valuable clues. Why? Because it allows to define more precisely the profiles of users, consumers or potential customers, as part of a marketing strategy. Once this profile is established, the ad campaign is as relevant and above all more likely to get the subject to the action, will be broadcast on mobile.


Marketing strategy and advertising support

The media that will support the pub also plays an important part of marketing strategy, as well as how the announcement will be introduced.

This kind of study is to be considered during the development of advertising strategy to:

- Choose the best support for the pub: banner, video ...

- Introduce the pub on the screen of the consumer ...

Finally, mobile marketing is also based on the Geo-location,. How? By identifying the location of the subject, targeted advertising will be addressed, relating to activities close to it, to products that offer the most accessible and events taking place nearby.

 Mobile marketing is growing rapidly, and more and more websites make their presence visible on mobile to enjoy. It would be unfortunate for your marketing strategy if you do not plan to invest on this side ...




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