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13 Jul

Digital Marketing: the impact of communication on the purchase…


The establishment of a digital marketing plan is crucial when marketing a product: it is its successful implementation will determine the consumer's purchasing decision. For the most part, the customer's buying decision is already made.   Communication before the product launch But what is this miracle? Well this is the result of good communication and a link created with…

23 May

Digital marketing: basics of effective mobile marketing


New technologies that we use every day, like our phones, are formidable tools for actors of digital marketing. Consumer targeting and use of mobile With the increasing use of mobile smart targeting consumers become easier and better tailor the advertising campaigns. The study of our habits is a pillar of digital marketing and mobile marketing in particular. For example the games…

12 Apr

Competitive intelligence simple, effective and free on the Web


Competitive intelligence can get the strategy and positioning of your competitors. Today, companies increasingly communicate on the Web and that media can become valuable information for your day. The secret lies in the selection of reliable sources to collect relevant data.The primary information The primary data are raw data, not retired by an intermediary. Here are some…

17 Mar

Search algorithms of Google will be more semantic


With a better understanding of search terms, the results show more information than a simple list of links.Metamorphosis should begin gradually in the coming months and span several years. This change in depth of the search engine Google is to maintain the excellent position of the company in respect of the share of this market (66%) and income from advertising integrated with…

09 Mar

Custom programming services

Web Design

Vuna Marketing is developing customized programs to meet their clients' actual needs. The team also develops solutions for very specific cases: inventory management, order management, control tools for business, purchase order, professional space protected by a password, online ordering system, plan Interactive location, interactive zoom, interactive virtual catalog, online payment…

27 Feb

Chrome: Google cuts the ad tracking


Against all odds, Chrome will soon integrate the Do Not Track feature, which allows you to block advertising tracking. According to Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple, Google enters the ranks. A surprising decision from the Mountain View company, tracking advertising as part of its business model. In fact, Google has set aside these pecuniary considerations to approach the U.S. President's…

24 Feb

Mozilla announced the Mozilla Marketplace


The Mozilla Foundation has announced the upcoming launch of an application store: the Mozilla Marketplace. It will be possible, like the Chrome Web Store, to find applications including HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The application store is not yet online, but should be presented by Mozilla next week during the Mobile World Congress. Developers will then offer to their creations,…

15 Feb

Web browsers and compatibility


To search and view pages on the Internet, Internet users use software called "browsers". Web browsers support the development of the Internet since its early days. Today the variety of browsers with very different performance is not without questions of compatibility. History of Web Browsers A browser is software to view and interact with websites. Web browsers are the best known:…

14 Feb

The current use of QR codes in advertising


Today QR codes popping up everywhere, whether here in New York or Europe. It is not uncommon to see these little black and white squares on a poster, an advertisement in a magazine, in the subway or even on the street.However, the use of QR codes is not always well thought out ... Let's see in detail what they are, how to make appropriate use and what benefits they can bring you.The…

27 Jan

Googlers are the types who never really leave the classroom.

Web Design

 Googlers are the types who never really leave the classroom. Guest speakers come to campus to give talks on subjects ranging from fiction to physics. Diverse groups of people work together to understand and solve big problems while groups of Googlers engage in passionate debate in our cafeterias. Given this environment, it’s no surprise how highly we value our external…



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