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17 Mar

Search algorithms of Google will be more semantic

Web Design

With a better understanding of search terms, the results show more information than a simple list of links.

Metamorphosis should begin gradually in the coming months and span several years. This change in depth of the search engine Google is to maintain the excellent position of the company in respect of the share of this market (66%) and income from advertising integrated with results (75% market share).

Google does not change completely the current algorithm based on the keywords that determines the suitability of a site in the words it contains, the number of hyperlinks that refer to it and several other factors. It adds a semantic function for understanding the real meaning of the words entered by the user and therefore faster access to desired information.

For example, a search such as "Crater Lake" would give us complete an information sheet on the lake with its various characteristics (geographic coordinates, temperature, size, etc..), In addition to the traditional list of websites. Also, a more complex question like "What are the largest lakes in USA?" Would display the answer directly.

Over the past two years, Google has added hundreds of millions of "entities" of places, people and things in its database, in addition to the 12 million entries for books, movies, companies and celebrity acquired through the purchase of the company Metaweb Technologies in 2010. Semantic search would dip directly into the large mass of information.

Millions of websites will have their positioning (page rank) change, which could create some headaches for webmasters and other experts in SEO ...



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