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17 May

Maps of War: Apple vs. Google

After Bing and improved search engine, here is the duel against Apple and Google Maps: "rebellion" against the dominance of Google continues in the field of mobile applications. The partnership between the two companies  seems to be ending and begins its  competition journey after several years of partnership. Apple announced that its…

12 May

Facebook launched its mobile application store online

Facebook will launch its own online application store. The App Center will consolidate applications available for all types of mobiles, and will interface to redirect to the App Store or Google Play, depending on the user's mobile.App Center will rank the likes of Spotify, Pinterest and Draw Something through user ratings, average time spent using…

23 Apr

Why it is so important to have quality content on a website

Today, quality content is just the sinews of war on the Internet. For proof, more and more agencies and freelancers specialize in writing content dedicated to the web. We keep saying to our customers, a good site should be visual, ergonomic, optimized ... but these aspects are only part, shape, because the bottom is above all the content that you publish.…

15 Mar

Happy Birthday Vuna Marketing!

  We are pleased to inform all visitors of our site, that on March 15th we celebrate the birth of our company!Wow, is that another 12 months gone already?!! How time flies when you’re busy. On March 15th, Vuna Marketing celebrates its birthday. With each passing year, we become riper and our ideas tastier, so it is no wonder…

08 Mar

Vuna Marketing launches a new, updated website!

Our site is updated so now you can learn more about our portfolio and consider the services provided and explore the possibilities of collaboration. Also, we have added new types of services on our site. News & Blog We have added a new section that will enable you to keep up-to-date with all the Vuna Marketing news and event, plus all the regular…

20 Feb

We have launched a new website!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new website we created for TripConsultants. Their travel guides and online travel information for world destinations allows you to quickly and easily find tours and get all the necessary information. will tell you when to fly and where to stay. And its unique design and ease of handling…

02 Feb Gets a Website Redesign

We’re pleased to announce our latest redesign of a website to launch. We love the site This is a leading Turkish-American News Portal. It service nearly 23,000 to 25,000 visitors throughout the USA and Turkey per day. AmerikaliTurk provides a 100% unique and up to dated content to its visitors. Now, this cool Portal has a whole…

24 Jan

Attorney at Law Launches New Website

Vuna Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Elliot Katsnelson, Attorney at Law, located at project was another good example of an evolving area for us here at Vuna: law firm website design and development. In this instance we transformed the website from static HTML pages to a dynamic, WordPress-based…

29 Nov

Anastasia Lyalikova photographer's Site is Live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative website project, We coded this highly customized website for photographer Anastasia Lyalikova, who approached us to help her create an online portfolio.It was important that the site operate seamlessly and showcase her beautiful jobs for albums. The navigation also…

02 Jul

NYC startup InsideDigs

We’re happy to announce the launch of our latest website project: www.InsideDigs.comInsideDigs NYC’s Peer-to-Peer Site For Rental Properties. With its mantra: “No Fees, No Brokers, No Hassles”, this site aims to get rid of listings that are fake and widespread Craigslist scams in the city. We’re proud to help promote and…



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