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Why it is so important to have quality content on a website

April 23, 2012

Today, quality content is just the sinews of war on the Internet. For proof, more and more agencies and freelancers specialize in writing content dedicated to the web. We keep saying to our customers, a good site should be visual, ergonomic, optimized ... but these aspects are only part, shape, because the bottom is above all the content that you publish.

 For every happy or future owners of the site, here is a detailed explanation of the importance that you must grant writing your content.

Standing out from the competition

Outside the Internet, when you communicate, you are looking primarily to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You showcase your company's identity and uniqueness of your offer.

The logic must be exactly the same on the Internet. It is true that the Web may seem unsettling (if not inhospitable) and it is tempting to see the sites of competitors already well-established on the web. In a benchmarking approach, it is interesting to find some ideas but do not fall into the drift of the flight (or partial) the content of other sites.

Google does not like duplicate content

As mentioned in the title, Google hates duplicate content. Its new filter named "Panda" penalizes duplicate content sites [and not just the offending pages]. They lose visibility in the results or may be completely de-indexed by search engine.

Adapting the content

Communication on the Web is about more than just your website. You can also use your blog, several types of social networks ... You will not find the same user profile. This is called the Integrated Marketing Communication.

To conclude, when writing, you should try to create interesting, engaging and relevant content that is also grammatically correct. If you treat your audience with respect by writing good content, you increase your odds of having them reciprocate. This means quality site visitors who spend time on your website that results in an action (i.e. purchasing).



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