Vuna Marketing


Web Development

Vuna Marketing is a holding company of companies operating in the development of knowledge, creation and marketing of products and services using web marketing on the Internet. Vuna Marketing is innovative and is at the forefront of other web marketing companies that try to offer similar services by offering a one-stop shop of products and services web marketing and e-commerce.

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Web Design

We know that the site design for a commercial organization is an important task, which requires the active participation of management and specialists. To create a successful website design with functionality and artistic design, you first need to identify the target audience of the site and have an analysis of competitors' sites.

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Vuna Marketing has proven itself in helping clients transform their business ideas into reality: successful and profitable e-commerce sites. The e-commerce solution from Vuna Marketing is the driving force behind this success through an intuitive and easy to use design. The added value of our e-commerce solution is the design concept allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Learn More

Online Marketing

Promotion of your web site is as necessary as making it. Our on-line selling (e-marketing) will expand your client base using the promotional ways best suited to your purpose and target market. There are ranges of on-line selling techniques to stand out from your competitors, attract thousands of visitors on your web site and convince them to shop for your product or services. A number of the techniques utilized by our experts: Learn More


For a business, a website is a great way to increase its visibility and acquire new customers. While a simple business card only allows you to pass your details to those who are fortunate enough to have it in hand. A website allows your potential customers to learn about products and services you offer and form opinions about your business.

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Mobile Development

Creating a mobile version of website
Today, all mobile operators offer their customers unlimited Internet access, which is very logical in view of the explosion in sales of smartphones and changing usage patterns of users. Why optimize a website for smartphones and tablets? Learn More

Video Editing

Multimed Solutions gives life to the Communication business by creating professional animations.
An animation can incorporate different elements: videos, photos, audio, 2D and 3D creations ...

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