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Creating a mobile version of website

Today, all mobile operators offer their customers unlimited Internet access, which is very logical in view of the explosion in sales of smartphones and changing usage patterns of users.

Indeed, a complete redesign of the site is not necessary; it is simply to create an additional version.

According to Gartner, more than 400 million smartphones and 55 million tablets sold in 2011.

1. Why optimize a website for smartphones and tablets?

For 90% of them, web sites designed today there are more than four years at the time of HTML were designed to be viewed on a computer screen, not that of a smartphone or a touch pad (iPad, Galaxy Tab).

In the second quarter 2009, sales of smartphones - to surf the internet - explode from 27% over the previous year. More and more Internet users are using their smartphones to surf the net!

But most websites do not display properly on these platforms, the pages are too heavy and too long to load, the browser does not support flash technology, the screen resolution is too. Have you ever try to use a smartphone to browse your website?

Despite the emergence of sophisticated systems such as the zoom of the iPhone (or by spreading of tightening the thumb and index), the reading of the traditional sites is not the easiest, and constant transverse movements of the page does not facilitate reading.

When a website is not optimized, navigation becomes a hassle: the user runs away before they have obtained the information seeks, and will go on the site of one of your competitors who has had the good sense to propose a site optimized for its support of reading.

In 2010, 118 million smartphones were sold well in the first half, up 54%. This represents a significant number of new users!

It is therefore very interesting to create a version of your website aimed at smartphones. However, this does not need to completely redo it all: it will be an additional version of your site, minimalist, up to the point and allowing a quick telephone contact.

Optimize the content and the usability web for these new users is important to offer readers the essence of mobile devices.

The purpose of a site dedicated to smartphones also allows users to contact the advertiser by telephone by simply clicking on telephone number without even having to call on his keyboard.


2. The benefits of a site optimized for smartphones and tablets

When a site is truly optimized, there is a real time saver compared to the conventional view of a page: the navigation is therefore much more fluid, ergonomics and the most suitable.

While the iPhone has a very nice browser, an optimized version makes surfing much more ergonomic for users of small screen.

Also the aesthetics of a well-designed site and thought to be moving a definite plus for your website, and a growing number of Internet users will visit through the accessibility of your website.

Anywhere and anytime! When a potential customer browses the iPhone or on the Galaxy Tab on the train, if your site displays correctly on the browser, there's a good chance that user will try to contact you immediately.

These strengths give your potential customers or prospects desire to (re) coming to your site, either from their laptops, with their touch pad, or via their smartphone!


3. Creating your site optimized for smartphones and tablets

You do not want to fall behind compared to your competitors and you plan to have us complete your website smartphone version, or optimizing it for these new platforms?  Contact us immediately!



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